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BERIA GROUPage is the transport-logistics-import-export division of BERIA GROUP Sarl, which offers a quality service for the transport of goods from Europe, with its main base in Germany, to Cameroon. We put our expertise, know-how and network of partners at your disposal to manage your shipments and supply chain. BERIA GROUPage is also a source of evolution for our structure.


We guarantee you :
- Quality service from parcel collection, through the preparation of shipping and customs clearance documents, right up to secure, guaranteed delivery.
- An express delivery service that respects our delivery deadlines.
- Products made in Germany: industrial machinery, electronic systems and components, solar products, vehicles, etc.


We always respond to your needs, taking into account your comments and constraints. Our ability to innovate and adapt to change, as well as our creativity, are the key to our success and growth. Your goods are in safe hands, and we ensure their smooth delivery. 

Your parcels are carefully handled by our team from collection to delivery. We support you locally and internationally. Don't improvise the shipment of your goods and take advantage of our experience to save time and money. 

Don't hesitate to reach out to us for more information, and note that your satisfaction is our top priority!

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