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Our working way

Working with us means choosing to work with qualified engineers, architects and technicians.

You have your own way of life and your personal tastes, our primary role is to listen to you. Based on your needs, your tastes, your way of life, the possible evolution of your requirements, we will help you to define your project as well as possible (layout of the premises, judicious use of surfaces, organisation of interior volumes, exterior appearance...).

We do not sell models or floor plans. Your home should not impose a standardized lifestyle on you. We will create a space according to your tastes and needs and will play with constraints to offer you greater personalization.

One of the added values of our work is "made-to-measure".

Working with us means favoring dialogue but also measurement: we will always offer you a project that is compatible with your financial means, while respecting your expectations.

Once the programme and budget have been clearly defined, we will endeavor to ensure that you benefit from a quality project at the best possible price.


Within the framework of any partnership or a complete mission, we ensure the follow-up of the work and impose the respect of the deadlines.


Because the cost of use and maintenance of your project will depend as much on the quality of its design as on the seriousness with which the work is carried out, we integrate these constraints from the very beginning of the studies for your project. We design your project taking into account the climate and the site into which it will be integrated: its orientation, its architecture, the choice of construction techniques and materials, and the type of heating are studied with a view to limiting your future energy consumption as much as possible, as well as all maintenance costs.

We accompany you through the administrative procedures. To build, even on a plot of land that you own or are in the process of acquiring, you must obtain the agreement of the administration. We will compile your building permit application on your behalf. In addition to your house project, it must include various legal, administrative and technical information that you are normally required to provide: if you wish, we can take the necessary steps on your behalf. We submit your building permit application file to the relevant departments and follow up on it; by providing the information requested by the authorities without delay, we can considerably speed up the time it takes to obtain your permit.


Your project must first and foremost please you, but it must also respect the environment in which it will be built. We will work with you to ensure that your project fits in with the site on which it will be built.

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