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We provide personalised support to each of our employees in their integration.

Beyond its role as a manufacturer, BERIA GROUP is a socially responsible player, a company committed to the territories in which it operates.

  • We value talent and conduct an active skills development policy for all our employees, offering technical, managerial and safety training.

  • We consider it a key element of our human resources policy to welcome young people every year for internships and/or work-study programs. These young people prepare their diplomas (CAP, Bac Pro, BTS, professional bachelor's degree, master's degree, engineering degree, etc.) by experiencing their future profession in concrete terms.

  • We have also set up an associative partnership aimed at supporting education, health and integration or responding to emergency situations.

  • Finally, diversity and equal opportunities are essential components of our policy of social responsibility. This is why we are committed to the integration of people from all ten regions of Cameroon.

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