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Our policy

Since its creation, BERIA GROUP Sarl has striven to put the quality of its services and the satisfaction of all his customers at the center of its concerns, while respecting the environment and ensuring that its employees and the equipment they use are in optimal safety conditions.

Our commitment to provide our customers with services that meet their expectations and our desire to continuously increase the efficiency of our organization is based on the implementation of a policy of permanent progress based on the principles of Quality, Health, Safety, Health and Environment. The implementation of this strategy is the responsibility of all BERIA GROUP Sarl employees.

BERIA GROUP Sarl undertakes to:

  • Comply with national laws and regulations and observe internationally recognized standards applicable to our activities;

  • Identify, assess and control the health, safety and environmental risks associated with our activities;

  • Inform employees and subcontractors about common or specific workplace hazards and procedures for hazardous tasks;

  • Ensure systematic quality control of structures, materials and materials for site preparation, personal protective equipment before work begins;

  • Select subcontractors with competent personnel and effective equipment, work systems and supervision;

  • Raise awareness and fight against alcohol and drugs at work;

  • To fight against all forms of discrimination;

  • Respect and comply with our customers' HSE requirements;

  • Efficient waste management;

  • Prepare to respond and return to normal in the event of an emergency, crisis and business interruption, especially construction;

  • Maintain the skills and abilities of our employees through training;

  • Establish and maintain an HSE management system in which procedures and practices are regularly reviewed by the Management Committee;

  • Allocate the necessary means and resources to implement this policy.


The achievement of these objectives and the long-term commitment of our company to continuous improvement and progress requires the motivation, involvement and action of each employee.

Signed the managers.

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